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What's in the Annual Goal Planner?

EFM Annual Goal Planner

In this 11-page PDF download, you’ll receive:

  • Annual Goal Planner Pages:
    Map out your annual goals and make them Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-Oriented or “SMART!” These sheets include space for all the details and to-dos around your goals. Include every step and check them off as you achieve them. I love the feeling of checking things off. I hope you will, too.
  • Quarterly Focus High-Level View Pages:
    This quarterly planner page breaks out your year into a high-level view so you can plan your monthly and quarterly focuses and goals with broad strokes.
    (TIP: Typically having 3-4 goals per month keeps them attainable and time-oriented. This can also help to avoid overwhelm!)
  • Quarterly Focus Detailed Pages:
    These quarterly focus detailed pages give you the space to get into the nitty-gritty, meat and potatoes… the GOOD STUFF. Track your goals, each action step required, and a due date for completion to keep yourself accountable.
    (TIP: Set a deadline for every task to make sure you get them done. Your brain needs deadlines to motivate you.)
  • A Monthly Goal Planner with Calendar View:
    This will give you a month-long view on one page to help you plan for the longer term. Sometimes you need to see how your schedule flows across weeks. This can help you to back into realistic timelines. Easily reusable for every month of the year. (TIP: Don’t forget to FIRST fill in your must-have days OFF each month, to make sure you are taking time to rest, recharge, and spend time with your friends and family.)

  • A Daily Goal Planner:
    This daily goal planner will help you supercharge your focus for the day and help you track all the details required, including your WHY, resources you have, potential challenges, and ways you can get unstuck. (TIP: Fill it out and GET AFTER IT!)

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